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Maifan stone tableware (bowl, pot, plate, small dish, cup, pot and so on)
产品名称 Product Name
Maifan stone tableware (bowl, pot, plate, small dish, cup, pot and so on)
Maifan stone pot gallbladder
产品介绍 Product Introduction
Maifan stone tableware, are plain elegant, the modern design, and the natural handsome appearance. It has the beneficial element to overflow rapidly, the mineralization, the magnetization, the purification water quality's function, make the ordinary water become the mineral water. Uses the tableware for a long time, could promote the human body physiology metabolism function; promote blood circulation; Reduces the blood stickiness, have the good curative effect to treats the obesity, diabetes, the heart cerebrovascular disease, hypertension, gastric disease, the constipation etc, it is high quality goods for health care , it is appreciated by the domestic and foreign user deeply.
应用领域 Application
This product is the best choice for the vast numbers of ordinary consumers, the hotel restaurant customers! At the same time, also welcomed the appliance manufacturers to discuss co-operation!
产品规格 Specification
According to the requirements of customers to produce.
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