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Maifan Stone biology Ring
产品名称 Product Name
麦饭石生化环Maifan Stone biology Ring
Maifan Stone biology Ring
产品介绍 Product Introduction
The product is suitable fully for the fresh water, the sea water fish bowl, is the most ideal pore filter ring which could display biochemistry filter capacity. The product take natural Maifan rock as the aggregate, synthesis by plants the configuration in high temperature calcine, has the stable chemical properties, big relative surface characteristics, provide the most effective reproduction environment for the decontamination microorganism, the product have network architecture, high permeability, simultaneously played the aerobic digestion and the anaerobic denitrification role, it was one of best filtration products at present. We t also design and produce various kind Maifan stone ball, cake, household utensils according to user requests.
使用说明 Usage
  • 将本产品用自来水冲洗后放于过滤棉的两层之间,再放入过滤器中,以防止水受到不必要的污浊。

  • 应定期清洗过滤棉与生化环。

  • product will be washed with tap water, then put it in between two layers of filtration cotton, then put into a filter shell, in order to prevent unnecessary water pollution.

  • Filtration cotton and biochemical ring should be cleaned on a regular basis.

应用领域 Application
This product can be widely used in fresh water, marine fish farming, water purification and other fields.
产品规格 Specification
φ1×5mm,φ3×8mm, φ5×12mm,φ8×15mm,φ12×20mm,φ20~30m等,还可根据客户要求订做。
φ1×5mm,φ3×8mm, φ5×12mm,φ8×15mm,φ12×20mm,φ20~30m etc, also can be made according to customer requirements.
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