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Maifan stone antibacterial block
产品名称 Product Name
麦饭石抗菌块Maifan stone antibacterial block
Maifan Stone Mineralization Ring
产品介绍 Product Introduction
Adding nano-antibiotics in the Maifan stone mineralization piece's foundation, then become the promotion product. Sterilizes antiseptically during mineralization water quality, mainly uses in the solar-powered water heater carrying on antibacterial activation processing. The research indicated Water after this material immersion, the water polarity re-arranges to synthesis stable small molecular group, the amount of dissolved oxygen enhances greatly. This condition arrange in neat rows. high density. The molecular adsorptive attraction is small and strong penetrability, can speed up the human body absorption and excretion, improve micro circulation. it is beneficial in the health, can play the anticancer treatment, the health care, the cosmetology, adjusts the human body in vivo function balanced role.
Reference to the "disinfect supplies test norms," Japanese products similar detection method, the product has a clear anti-bacterial effect for E.coli (No. 44113), a 24-hour sterilization rate of more than 94.5 percent.
使用说明 Usage
  • 把本产品装到净水器或其他净水设备的滤壳中,使用前用水先冲洗干净。

  • 本产品使用一段时间后,会在其表面滋生粘状物质,这时需要取出进行活化清洗,可用食用醋或柠檬酸进行清洗。

  • This product is loaded into the water or other water purification equipment filter shell, before the usage, please wash it by clean water.

  • This product is used for some time, there are some stick-like material on the surface to breed, it is need to clean-activated, citric acid or vinegar can be used to wash.

应用领域 Application
This product can be widely used in sanitary, solar water heaters, and water purification, sewage treatment and other fields.
产品规格 Specification
φ1~3mm,φ3~5mm, φ5~8mm,φ8~12mm,φ12~18mm,φ18~25mm,φ25~30mm等,还可根据客户要求订做。
φ1~3mm,φ3~5mm, φ5~8mm,φ8~12mm,φ12~18mm,φ18~25mm,φ25~30mm etc, also can be made according to customer requirements.
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