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Maifan stone Ceramic piece/cake
产品名称 Product Name
麦饭石矿化片/饼(陶瓷片/饼)Maifan stone Ceramic piece/cake
Maifan Stone Mineralization Piece/Cake
产品介绍 Product Introduction
The product take Maifan stone as main raw material, can release more than 20 kinds of human body health essential main trace element in the water rapidly, the content is dozens of times than surpasses the ordinary medicine stone; Adsorption heavy metal ion which is harmful for human body, like Pb, Cd, Hg, As and so on; Automatically bidirectional accent saving water pH value to neutral scope.Through the authoritative organization test, running water after this ball purification processing, the strontium, the zinc, the leaning silicic acid content totally achieve the drinkable mineral water national standard. The Wuhan Tongji University Medical college’s living specimen experiment indicated that the product is no poison, no distortion, guarantees the safety use. The experiment also indicated that 1 kilogram of the product available for manufacture 4000 kilograms mineral water.
At the same time, adding some nanometer the antibiotics as Functional Materials in raw material, could get multiple effect products, which has the sterilization, the adsorption and the release of trace element. We also could design and process different shape and size of the product according to the customer’s various requirements.
使用说明 Usage
  • 保持2~5分钟的接触时间,直接以洁净自来水流经该品,即可得到符合标准的矿泉水。

  • 保持球水比1:10以洁净自来水浸泡该品5~10分钟,也可得到符合标准的矿泉水。

  • Keep contact 2 to 5 minutes to, clean tap water flows through the goods directly, then can get sub-standard mineral water.

  • keep 1:10 proportion of the ball to water, soaking the items 5~10 minutes, then could get  sub-standard mineral water.

应用领域 Application
This product can be widely used in health care, food, beverages, as well as water purification, sewage treatment, anti-corrosion, odor, preservation, decontamination, farming and aquaculture line.
产品规格 Specification
φ1~3mm,φ3~5mm, φ5~8mm,φ8~12mm,φ12~18mm,φ18~25mm,φ25~30mm等,还可根据客户要求订做。
φ1~3mm,φ3~5mm, φ5~8mm,φ8~12mm,φ12~18mm,φ18~25mm,φ25~30mm etc, also can be made according to customer requirements.
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