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Maifan stone charcoal ball
Maifan stone charcoal ball
【产品名称 Product Name】
麦饭石竹炭球 Maifan stone charcoal ball
               Maifan Stone Charcoal Ball                     
产品介绍 Product Introduction
The Mai fan Stone Charcoal Ball take Mai fan stone, the Charcoal, the live ore, nano-antibiotics as  raw material, synthesis and process to get the ball product, which has many special functions such as deodorizes, the absorption of moisture, antibacterial and so on. The product also can dispel the smell in the refrigerator effectively ,besides, the product has the antibacterial function. Simultaneously it is an ideal environmentally friendly and effective desiccant for high-grade clothing, shoes, hats and foods.
使用说明 Usage
  • 本产品是一种多功能又兼具环保的除臭保鲜产品,且其相对体积较小而不占空间,非常适合放在冰箱内使用。除了可除臭外,并可吸附蔬菜与水果所产生的乙烯气体,延缓包装后蔬果的成熟、变质与腐烂。使用过后,可敲碎埋入土中,作为土壤改良用。

  • 对于小空间内,如(小汽车、宠物箱、洗手间、厨房、鞋柜、衣橱等),只需放置约70~100克的本产品,即可消除异味并且具有除湿和吸附有害化学成份的多重效果。

  • 将本产品放入米缸中可防虫,且可使食米保鲜 ,其效果为木炭的两倍以上,而竹炭为纯天然产品,万一食入炭粉也不会有副作用,因此选用本产品替食用米防虫保鲜更卫生、更健康、更有效。

  • 屋内放置本产品对于调湿与防潮有良好的效果。另外,对于新建或是新装修的房子,空气中到处充满挥发性的有害化学有机溶剂,包括油漆中的甲苯、香蕉水或是合板、壁纸内胶合剂所散发的游离甲醛,均可被本产品所产生的负离子所净化,吸附异味,使空气很快就可以清净,减少对人体的伤害。

  • This product is a multi-functional both environmental protection and preservation of deodorant, occupy a relatively small space, ideal for use on the refrigerator. It also could absorb ethylene gas of fruit and vegetables, delay the maturity, metamorphic and decay of fruits and vegetables, .After use, crack it then buried in the soil, could improve soil quality.

  • For small spaces, such as cars, pet box, toilet, kitchen, shoe wardrobe etc, simply put about 70~100 grams of the product, which can eliminate the odor and has dehumidifier, removing hazardous chemical composition multiple function.

  • Add this product can control pest in rice pot, and can enable the preservation of rice, the effect was more than double the wood coal. Cause bamboo charcoal is natural product, in the event of fresh powder will not have side effects, this product for food preservation is more healthier and effective.

  • This product has good effective for eliminate humidity and moisture indoor. In addition, new or newly renovated house, everywhere in the air is full of volatile organic solvents, hazardous chemicals, including toluene in the paint, banana water or plywood, wallpaper glue in the distribution of free formaldehyde may be present This Products could generate the negative ion for purification odor absorption, so that the air will soon be able to clean and reduce the harm to the human body.

应用领域 Application
This product can be used in refrigerators and deodorant fresh fruits and vegetables, air-purifying small space, preservation of the rice pest control in rice pot, interior space humidity, moisture and remove harmful chemicals, soil improvement and so on.
产品规格 Specification
1~3mm,3~5mm, 5~8mm,8~12mm,12~18mm,18~25mm,25~30mm等,还可根据客户要求订做。
1~3mm,3~5mm, 5~8mm,8~12mm,12~18mm,18~25mm,25~30mm etc, also can be made according to customer requirements.
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