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Maifan stone granule  Maifan stone filters material
【产品名称 Product Name】
麦饭石粒, 麦饭石滤料Maifan stone granule  Maifan stone filters material
Granular Maifan Stone
产品介绍 Product Introduction
Maifan stone granule、Maifan stone filters material is one kind of new water treatment filters the material.The Maifan stone crevice structure is complex, the biological activity is high, has the very good adsorption and resolution capability. The Maifan stone has the high mechanical strength, large surface area, the full multi-element ionic exchange function etc, is ideal environmental protection filters material in medicine, the chemical industry, food line at present. The material. may guard against corrosion, maintain freshness, deodorizes, the decontamination, adjustment water quality, make the water quality to purify, supplement mineral substance merits ect. Widely uses in the healthcare, food, drink and the water quality purifies, domains sewage treatment, planter and cultivation. The product has the collection function as follow: filtration, the adsorption, eliminates the fungus, deodorizes, the decolorization, mineralization etc, are the good promotion product. of the quartz sand, the activated charcoal etc filter the material.
使用说明 Usage
  •  使用1:10比例的麦饭石加水煮沸或放入杯中开水冲泡,使多种微量元素迅速释放,即成矿化水。

  •  将麦饭石50g用纱布包好,投入饭锅同煮,米饭色白,香味可口,不易变馊,可反复使用8-10次。

  •  已腐的肉食和熟食放麦饭石煮沸,能除掉臭气与异味。

  •  用作洗浴用途,500~1000克麦饭石加水7~8倍热浸或煮沸冷却到一定温度进行洗浴,能舒心催眠,消除疲劳,肌肤光滑柔嫩,增强弹性,保持青春。使用高浓度麦饭石水经常洗浴对座疮、蝶斑、湿疹、体廯、脚气、皮肤瘙痒均有显著疗效。

  •  Use Maifan stone 1:10 proportion as boiling water, so quickly the release of a variety of trace elements, then get mineral water .

  •  Use gauze wrapping 50g maifan stone, then throw it into pots with rice, the rice white color, delicious flavor, not easy to become rancid, can be used repeatedly 8-10 times.

  •  Rotten meat has been cooked with maifan stone, could get rid of bad smell.

  •  Used for bathing, 500~1000 grams maifan stone with 7~8 times water are boiling hot then cooling to a certain temperature for bathing, you could feel hypnosis and enjoyable, removing fatigue, skin smooth and soft, and enhance flexibility to maintain their youth. The use of high concentrations of maifan stone blocks on the bath water, have a significant effect for sore, spot butterflies, eczema, athlete's foot, itching skin

【应用领域 Application】

This product can be widely used in health care, food, beverages, water purification, sewage treatment, anti-corrosion, odor, preservation, decontamination, the production of porcelain farming and aquaculture line.
产品规格 Specification
1~3mm,3~5mm, 5~8mm,8~12mm,12~18mm,18~25mm,25~30mm等,还可根据客户要求订做。
1~3mm,3~5mm, 5~8mm,8~12mm,12~18mm,18~25mm,25~30mm etc, also can be made according to customer requirements.
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