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Maifan stone powder
产品名称 Product Name
麦饭石粉Maifan stone powder
           Mai fan stone powder                            Mai fan Stone Powder
产品介绍 Product Introduction
Maifan Stone (Medical Stone) is a kind of nonmetal mineral, has been called as Magical Stone, Healthy Stone, Long-life Stone in Japan and Korea. It was used in medical treatment since Ancient China, it is called " the longevity stone " by person.
Yan Jing Maifan stone through the modern science test, can eject 42 kinds of elements, including the human body essential 14 kind of trace elements and 15 kind of rare-earth element, can powerfully absorbe water virulent deleterious substance; Dissolving the fluid zinc, the leaning silicic acid content approach and achieve the national drinkable mineral water standard; The product own the biological activity, could improve organism physiological function and adjust potential of hydrogen bidirectionally accent saving water characteristics and so on; Contents of Pb, As harmful element, radioactive element U, Ra to be lower than the earth's crust elemental abundance value, conforms to the national drinkable water sanitation standard. Through Shanghai and the Zhejiang Province two health and epidemic prevention stations toxicology experiment indicate that the product is non-toxic and harmless. In 1989 through the provincial level appraisal , determined that the Mai fan stone is one good natural inorganic nutrition source. The Zhejiang Province Mine Office awarded the document Zhejiang to issue [(89) 21] specially, be approval of the development and utilization.
The product has Purification water quality, guarantees the liver the stomach to be good, Diuretic fossils, stable blood pressure, the promotion circulation, prevention disease and anti-cancer treatment, to prolong the life, the skin care, the strong skeleton, the development intelligence, the promotion growth, , to deodorize maintains freshness etc function.
使用说明 Usage
  •  外敷用200目麦饭石粉末加醋调成糊状敷患处,可治痈、疮肿等皮肤疾病。

  •  用麦饭石粉拌土或麦饭石浸泡水浇灌花卉,能使花蕾多,花色鲜,花期长

  •  用麦饭石粉或浸泡水拌料喂家禽,对家禽的育肥增重,提前产蛋期和提高产蛋率均有显著的效果。

  •  由于本产品内有大量的微隙孔道,将其埋入土中或与培养土混合,可增加微生物活动的空间,并释出矿物质以提高肥效,减少病虫害的发生,达成土壤改良的效果。


  •  Adding 200 meshes of maifan stone powder with vinegar  into a paste transferred the lesion enough to cure carbuncle, skin sores, and other diseases.

  •  Maifan stone powder mixed with soil or maifan stone water soaking for flowers, can more buds, fresh color, a long flowering period

  •  Adding maifan stone powder or water into poultry feed, it is good for poultry fattening weight gain, early period of egg laying and increase the rate..

  •  This product has a large number of micro-pore space, it can be buried in soil or mixed with soil, the space for micro-organisms can increase and release minerals to improve efficiency and reduce the incidence of plant diseases and insect pests, and achieve the effect of soil improvement.

【应用领域 Application】

This product can be widely used in health care, food, beverages, water purification, sewage treatment, anti-corrosion, odor, preservation, decontamination, the production of porcelain farming and aquaculture line.
产品规格 Specification
50 meshes, 80 meshes, 100 meshes, 200 meshes, 300 meshes, 500 meshes etc, also can be made according to customer requirements.
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